Adventures in PMI

Can’t believe another weekend has gone by, and I’m starting my 4th week here! Now that I’ve finally started to get the hang of life in pediatrics, I branched out last week and spent two days with the amazing ladies of PMI (Protection Maternelle et Infantile), trekking out into villages near and far to chart

Weekend Update

I’m FINALLY able to connect my computer to the “internet” here at the research lab (it only took a 10 days of French admin drama that ended with me bribing the IT guy with drinks), so sorry it has been a while since I’ve updated. I can’t believe I’ve only been here two weeks, it

Little House in the Jungle

We left Libreville Monday afternoon hoping to make it to Lambaréné before dark. The drive is about 270km, but it usually takes 4-5 hours because of the quality of the roads, and the congestion leaving Libreville. In the first 2hrs, we made it less than 50km and the roads were truly awful. Somewhere around kilometer

Je suis arrivée!

I’m here! I made it to Libreville this afternoon after a day of VERY easy travel. I got really lucky on the trip from Frankfurt to Libreville and actually got a whole row to myself, so I slept most of the 7 hours and arrived fairly fresh on African soil, all of my bags arriving

Ready or not, on y va!

I’m going to preface this by saying it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged properly, but I’m really excited to be on this new adventure and wanted to make sure I shared it with everyone who has asked me to keep them updated. As I write this, I’m on a plane en route to

Tulane School of Medicine

In July 2010, I moved to New Orleans, LA to begin my first year as a medical student at Tulane School of Medicine. Although I know it will be challenging, I’m looking forward to the years ahead, and the opportunities to be a part of the New Orleans community and the rebuilding efforts. Check out

Spring 2010 in London

For my final semester of Master’s research, I am working with Dr. Wendy Barclay in the Virology department of Imperial College London. I will be working on finding conditions of viral reassortment between the H1N1 “swine flu” with the highly pathogenic H5N1 “avian flu.”

Radio interview on “The Story”

On Thursday Sept. 24, I was featured on “The Story” with Dick Gordon- a nationally broadcast public radio show based out of WUNC in North Carolina. I will be talking about my experiences with the US National Team and playing handball abroad.

Download the interview here: Jen on “The Story”

You can find out more about the show, and listen to the entire episode at: